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The difference between stereo Bluetooth speakers and single channel Bluetooth speakers.

How to use Bluetooth speakers? Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and many people are starting to use Bluetooth speakers to enjoy convenient listening. But not everyone will do it for the first time. People who have not been exposed to the Bluetooth speaker may ask how it is connected to the mobile phone and how the Bluetooth sound box is used. Below, we will introduce the basic operation and use of the Bluetooth sound box.
How should the speaker's knowledge literacy Bluetooth sound box be used?
However, whether it is a smart phone or a non intelligent mobile phone, most of the current mobile phones will not support the Bluetooth, and Bluetooth is a very good protocol in addition to the file transmission. In fact, the other big function is to listen to the use of the phone.
How to use the Bluetooth sound box
As we mentioned above, friends who have not touched the Bluetooth speakers may ask how to use Bluetooth speakers. This is a basic problem. In fact, the Bluetooth sound box is not as high tech as everyone has imagined, it is also a tool for listening to music, but it uses a Bluetooth protocol to wireless transmission of sound quality, instead of traditional wired connection.
Bluetooth wireless transmission is more convenient
The Bluetooth protocol has evolved and upgraded in many versions. In the previous old Bluetooth protocol, it was not able to achieve the required transmission speed for music listening because of the limitation of transmission efficiency, so it was often used for communication and phone use. This is the mono channel communication Bluetooth headset we used to see before.
Bluetooth headset designed for communication
However, the current Bluetooth protocol has developed to the 4 version, in fact, the transmission speed of Bluetooth can support stereo music transmission. Although the 4 version has just been launched, the current sales of Bluetooth 4 versions of the headphones are not much, but many previous Bluetooth speakers have adopted stereo design. This is the Bluetooth loudspeaker we often talk about. It is not only a loudspeaker tool for receiving phone calls, but a device for listening to music and facilitating answering.
Stereo Bluetooth headset designed for mobile phone music.
If you want to use Bluetooth speakers, you must have Bluetooth enabled devices, which are not necessarily mobile phones, but also digital products such as tablets and computers. Of course, Bluetooth has another advantage: it can be downwards compatible, and it usually does not appear completely incompatible because of the different transmission versions.
How Bluetooth headphones connect to mobile phones
Of course, most of the people who use the Bluetooth speaker must consider the convenience of use. The choice of the Bluetooth box is mostly for portable use, so many people are going out to listen to music with their smartphones. If you want to use Bluetooth speakers, you must first connect to your phone, which we call pairing.
Paired connection of Bluetooth sound box and mobile phone
At present, there are many brands of Bluetooth speakers. Although there may be a slight difference in the way of specific operation, the matching process is basically the same. Let's talk about the connection process of Bluetooth headset as an example of Baer's earphone, which is popular recently. We choose a iPhone phone to make a connection. In fact, no matter what the phone or the Bluetooth headset, it's basically the same. It doesn't have much difference. If you match a phone with a headset, it will basically operate the other headphones.
In general, the Bluetooth options are set in the settings, and we first need to open the Bluetooth feature on the phone and set it for other devices to search for. It usually displays the Bluetooth icon in the top toolbar or other prominent places of the phone. When Bluetooth is not connected, the icon should be gray, and when the icon on the connection will turn blue.
After opening the headset, the LED lamp will prompt the working state
Then we need to find the switch button of headphones. Bluetooth headsets usually have a working indicator, which will turn on in the open state. Of course, we need to match the Bluetooth headset to enable our mobile phone to search for our Bluetooth audio device. It may be different that the function keys of each headset may be different. In general, we need to press the boot button for a few seconds. We can operate according to the specification of the specific headset model.
Music is played after a Bluetooth headset is connected to a mobile phone
When they are in a pair state, the Bluetooth headset should be flicker quickly, when the phone will search for the name or brand of the Bluetooth box. We click the pair. If the pairing is successful, we can see the Bluetooth icon turn blue. At this time, we can use the sound box to listen or hit. The telephone is used. In the work of pairing successfully, the headlights of Bluetooth headsets usually have normal slow flash hints.
How a Bluetooth speaker connects to a computer
We know that most mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth, but the computer is not sure. Maybe some notebooks have Bluetooth capabilities, but not all the desktop computers have - especially the desktop machines that they assemble. How to make your headphones connected to the computer? Actually, there are some ways.
A built-in Bluetooth module for a laptop
First of all, let's talk about a notebook or desktop computer with Bluetooth function. These devices are built with Bluetooth module, which is more convenient. We